Feeling restless

I feel restless tonight. I need to do stuff but don't want to do anything! I have a project to do tomorrow @ work, it's nothing major but will take a fair bit of time! I also have to clean my office. It's not only mu office but a storage space as well, so I have to come up with a few ideas to store a few things. The higher ups are coming later in the week so there's a need to impress... I 'd like to chat with one or two people as I'd like to move to head office in two years...

I didn't spend any money again today, which is a bonus. I did take my car to the garage as while I was @ my god daughters b-day party yesterday, a man took out my front head light with his truck. He backed into it and is going to pay for it. He called the garage and my mechanic is looking for a used one first, then if they can't find one that way they'll order a brand new one! ( my car is 14 years old, so used is better).

Tomorrow I work @ my second job so it'll be a busy but productive day! I hope to be less restless tomorrow! I should go and do some work but this is much more fun!


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