Friday night....

You know your getting older when on Friday night all you want to do is go home and put your jammies on! I didn't even cook supper, as i'm still waiting for DD to do the dishes, but I can't stand the kitchen for much longer so I'm going to get them done, along with the rest of the kitchen. (side note I've started the dishes) I'll complete my room, and fold laundry.
I'm also going to work on my budget for December. I have it almost tweaked, but I decided to have my couch and chair cleaned so its 113.00. ( I know its expensive but its a task i detest and I'd rather pay someone to do it and it be fairly dry, than me do it and it be soaked for 2 days).
Tomorrow we're having our passport photos done @ 18.00/person = 36.00. I'll take the dog to have his photo with Santa all proceeds go to the SPCA I think its no more than 20.00 . I need to buy some pizza dough 1.25/4 =5.00, and a couple of things for lunches, bread, milk, asaigo cheese (for a dip) max 20.00). This money is coming from my the funds that were put away for the permit that she didn't get to write, but we have a new date!
I didn't spend any money today (day 13 this month)! Yeah for me! I won't spend any money on Sunday, but need to spend 40.00 on Monday for my DD. I also need to buy a 10.00 secret santa gift for my PT jobs Christmas party. ( I hope to make 80.00 on Saturday night.) The other 40.00 will go towards the vet bill on Thursday. Tuesday night we're having the Christmas party for my PT job, so the restaurant is closing early ( I like to make at least 20.00 that night). I won't be spending any money that day.

I think i've purged enough tonight! Later and enjoy your week-end everyone. I know I'm going to!


I was like that when I turned 21. I just wanted to stay home, wear pjs and chill out...

passports = v important. good on you!

added you to my blogroll & reader :)
Thanks FB! MY DD loves when you post shoes, she's a shoe fanatic! Passport photos are done, they look like mug shots....

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