Planning my week!

I worked last night and made 80 dollars. Out of that I'll buy groceries for the week, gas and my last pack of cigarettes. Yesterday was a no spend day. I was too lazy to go any where except the library and work!

Here's my plan for the week!

Sunday - laundry, outside work, scrub floors, make lunch( chicken and spinach pizza) clean off counters, grocery shop, walk dog, iron clothes, out for supper ( at my sisters).

Monday - work, puppy to vet, make supper (beef and broccoli with rice), tidy pantry (100 for vet)

Tuesday - work, work @ PT job, laundry DD writes her driving permit(88.50 if she passes)

Wednesday - work, supper (chicken with salad and roasted potatoes ), walk dog, clean living room, laundry ( no spend) deposit cheque from PT job in bank.

Thursday - work, walk dog, make supper (pork chops with carrots, mashed potatoes , clean kitchen, (no spend).

Friday - vacation day- going shopping with DD and sister- looking for formal dress, Xmas gifts and going to Costco and Chapters, cook supper (I'll use my slow cooker for this, I'll make hamburger soup).

Saturday- market, walk dog, clean bedrooms, laundry, cook lunch (pasta of some sort), nap, work @ PT job.

I'm sitting here looking @ my week and I feel really good about it! Having a plan is the best way to get things together!


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