food wasted this week, thank you frugal girl!

No photos, can't find the camera yet! What's been wasted in my fridge? A three pack of romaine lettuce, it froze in the bottom crisper! 03 beer from last Christmas, 02 Keith's, 01 Coors light, cranberry juice that was bought last Christmas and 01 glass was taken out of it, about a table spoon of ruffles onion dip ( ran out of chips) and garlic spread that was past due in September.
I guess this will be good motivation to clean my fridge out this week-end as there is very little in it!


Canadian Saver said…
I need to put this on my list of things to do this weekend!!

I did the big clean out sometime in September, but things have a tendency to hide in the back and turn fuzzy.
Kristen said…
Thanks for participating, even if you can't find your camera! lol I hope it turns up in time for next week.

Enjoy your clean fridge. :)


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