Passing it on money wise and groceries

I've been talking about my money situation for a while at work now. People used to wonder why I worked 2 jobs until I told then the plain old truth, that I was in debt and working 2 jobs was the only way out for me.

I'm honest with them and tell them I'm not good with credit cards or lines of credit and until I have both paid in full, I'll be working the second job ( right now I'm figuring until I'm 45 or so, I'd like to help my DD with her post secondary too).

Last fall I bought a Woman of Independent Means by Gail Vaz-Oxlade and read it cover to cover in about 2 days. I loaned it to a co-worker before Christmas and when leaving work yesterday, she thanked me for loaning it to her ( she's still reading it). She and her hubby have been working with their banker ( which is mine too) and are getting their ducks all lined up. They have savings, TFSAs and are tracking where they spend their money. They even reduced their grocery bill from 180/week to around 110/week by planning their meals. They'll be saving around 3500 this year by doing that one little thing!

Its amazing what change for others when 1 person shares their personal experiences.

Yesterday ( the 2nd) I spent 38.95 on gas ( I used my debit for this) and 25.36 ( in cash) for groceries.

I bought:

milk-2L @ 3.65
green grapes
romaine lettuce -3.99
potatoes -3.99 ( way too expensive)
french bread 2.09
ground beef - 5.30 ( it was on sale for 1.99/lb).

I was going to make chicken and mushroom risotto for supper , but DD pulled out pork instead. So we had pork, mushroom and onions pan fried with mushroom gravy ( I used cup of soup for the gravy), broccoli and mashed potatoes.

DD made peanut butter/oatmeal cookies last night too ( This makes the first week this year that I/we baked twice in the week).

I have no plans to spend today as I'll be working until 9ish tonight.


Canadian Saver said…
I don't like sharing my finances with friends and co-workers. I'm glad you've had a more positive experience!
I know everyone's pay scale but the management teams. ( we'll all get paid the same based on our years).

I've learned to be open and honest about my money after years of pretending everything was ok, but after a dealing with a significant bout of depression in 2007, I was like no more hiding of the facts. My life has got 100% better since then...

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