The cost of groceries.

Did anyone catch the news yesterday where they were talking about the cost of eating healthy? I was very surprised to hear abut the lower economic part of Toronto that was 7% higher than a wealthy part for Toronto!

I was very surprised to learn that Syndey, NS had the lowest cost, while Moncton NB had the highest for the maritimes. There was a 40 dollar difference between the 2.

What I don't get is the every maritime province had numerous ports, and we still pay so much for our fruits and veggies. I do know that Sobey's used to allow stores to buy directly from the small farmer, but now if I ws a farmer in Saint John and sold my goods to Sobey's, they would go to their warehouse in Nova Scotia and be shipped back to Saint John.

That makes no sense at all!

What do you think about the cost of groceries?


Canadian Saver said…
I saw this too, and it's all over the papers and radio this morning. I'm very surprised at the price of milk, way high here in NB but like $3 less for a 4L of 1% in PEI!! Then there's the cheese, the fruits and veggies, the meat... it just doesn't make sense.

I do agree that eating healthy costs A LOT. So much more than junk food.

As for the warehouse delivery, I know they eliminated the store deliveries a few years ago, supposedly to make the traceability a lot easier. I worked on that with some producers and while I agree that the produce has to be traceable for food safety, it could be done without having to be trucked 200 km in the other direction!
Jolie said…
I have to agree that buying fresh and healthy is sucking away my grocery money. I started WW at the end of January and there is a giant shift between how much I spent in January to what I'm spending now. Not all of it can be attributed to eating at family over the christmas holidays or eating out of pantry.
Money Minder said…
Sometimes food prices are seasonal. It is much cheaper to buy certain produce when it is in season. Unfortunately, it would be nice to eat healthy all year - not just when it's in season.

Food is expensive!
Saver Queen said…
I didn't hear this but I wish I did - what station was it on?

I can't believe that it was actually more expensive in the poorer part of Toronto! But then again, china town is a great place to go for cheap produce and food.

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