The End of the week-end :(

Some times I really miss working shift work and having 4 days off (ie. when I have appointments like the DR, etc).

I think I'll need to take time off from both jobs in March ( a 4 day stretch would be good). I'll probably not take another stretch off until the summer ( most likely in mid August, DD wants to go to Maine, I'd rather go to PEI). (Easter week-end I'll volunteer to work Friday night, that way I can have 3 days off, same thing as Victoria day week-end).

I spent 19.00 yesterday on take out and a later fee for a movie rental.

Today I spent 10.00 @ breakfast. My dad paid for all of us ( 47.00 for 5 adults and 1 child not too bad). I left the ten, plus there was another 4 from my mother.

My mother had us over for supper, and it was a community effort. I baked an apple crisp (and it was good), my sister made broccoli salad, my mom cooked ribs and mashed potatoes. My mom brother, wife and their DD were there for supper too!

I'm off to plan this weeks suppers, and figure out what to bake tomorrow night. ( I'm thinking of Ranger cookies).

Oh yeah I need a few groceries too, eggs, milk, potatoes, romaine lettuce, bananas, ziploc bags ans tooth paste.


Canadian Saver said…
That's a really good idea to work the Friday nights of long weekends...

Sounds like you had a good weekend! Having breakfast with the family must have been good :-)

Have a good week!
Frugal Dreamer said…
mmmm apple crisp!! :)

Sounds like a good, family filled, weekend!
Sharon Rose said…
Hi there-thanks for stopping by, I replied about the shopping on my comments page! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend with your family, the food you had sounds delicious!

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