The Vinyl Cafe

Anyone who listens to CBC radio, might recognize the names Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe. I managed to get free tickets to his show and its awesome. He has Matt Anderson ( from Perth Andover) and Meaghan Smith ( Halifax) as his musical guests right now. Matt Anderson's voice was unbelievable. ( I had tears in my eyes for 1 song). If you ever have a chance to see his show, do it. Frugal Trenches if you ever come to Canada, you show find out where he is playing, you wouldn't regret it.


Anonymous said…
This is my favourite radio show in the world, I listen each week and I myself have seen him live. It is Canada's greatest export but I'm amazed at the number of Canadians who don't even know it exists and have never tuned into CBC! Vinyl Cafe, As It Happens, Inside Track, oh I could go on.


In fact I'm off to listen now!!
FT enjoy the show! He's taping the show in Halifax for this tour. He has 2 new Dave and Morley tales. He's also using a portable smart board and doing a slide show about his life. The pistures from when he was a little boy are too funny...

Stuart McLean was here 2 years ago, and he said he'd be back again in 2 more. I often find that DD and I will go for a drive on Sunday just to listen to the radio, and we usually have the best laughs listening to the stories.

We love CBC in our house. Have your listened to Randy Bachman's Vinyl Tap? He played amazing music.
Saver Queen said…
I love Stuart Mclean! That's fantastic.
Anonymous said…
Had to come back and see if you've replied. Yes I have listened to Vinyl Tap and this morning was listening to Metro Morning and The Current.

As I spent part of my childhood in Canada, I remember my whole family supporting the CBC, it is perhaps one of my fondest childhood memories and something I hope to pass onto my children, granted from afar, although I do think I may end up there again for a year or two at some point!

In fact I remember meeting Shelagh Rogers and Peter Gzowski.

I also love CBC television and news. Oh wow I feel "home sick" now.
Too funny, I waited on Vicky Gabereau and the couple from madly off in all directions one time many years ago. I didn't know who they were until they spoke and I was so excited. ( It was in 1995)I still remember when we only had one channel and it was CBC. I loved Peter Gzowski ( Peter's photo was the last photos of the slide show!)

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