I spent 2.15 on chinese food.

I had no intentions on spending yesterday, but life happens, or in this case a death. MY mothers best friend died suddenly yesterday and my parents are not dealing with it well. I had supper in the oven when they called and we left the house right away ( after turning everything off). They were like an aunt and uncle to my siblings and I, plus our children.

I drove my parents to see her friends husband, neither one of my parents were capable of driving safely. Everyone is in a state of shock. I also called my siblings to tell them what happened. I still haven't cried, but DD did last night( she used to make DD special treats when she went camping with my parents). Needless to say my supper got tossed when we finally made it back home and we ate chinese food from a local restaurant.

My week-end will be spent working, cooking, doing stuff for my parents and going to a wake.

It makes me think of living life with no regrets from here on in and seizing every opportunity to make life better without getting into debt while doing so!

Thanks for listening/reading.


Canadian Saver said…
Oh that is sad... my condolences for your loss {{{hugs}}}

Be there for your family this weekend, that's what matters most...
Saver Queen said…
I'm so sorry. Such sad news. Kind thoughts go out to your family.
Money Minder said…
So sorry for your loss.

Take care of yourself and your family.
Thanks all, I really appreciate it!

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