Monday Feb 9/09

I didn't spend any money today.

I have accomplished 5 loads of laundry, cooked supper, did dishes, cooked a pot of steel cut oatmeal for the week, had puppy out 6 times ( that's including this morning), shredded papers, with puppy barking like mad every time one went through.

I still have more laundry to do ( max 3 loads), a laundry basket full of papers to sort, shred and put away and a puppy to go out once more before bed. I'll do at least one more load of laundry tonight, and try to finish in the morning.

Supper tonight was wilted spinach mixed with ground turkey, pasta sauce, penne noodles, baked in the oven with cheese. It was yummy. I froze 2 portions and will hae one tomorrow night when I get home from work. I even have my uniform ready and in the bad for my shift tomorrow night...

I'll be spending 15.00 @ my PT job tomorrow night. 5.00 is to play Millionaire for life, and the other 10 is for the survivor pool. I need to get coffee tomorrow night and fruit. I'd put it off longer but the fruit will be all gone tomorrow :( and so will the coffee...

I'd like to make a minimum of 40 tomorrow night.


Canadian Saver said…
You did a lot tonight!! That casserole sounds great :-)

I want to do a Survivor pool, we didn't the last time, but the time before I won $100 :-)

Good luck!
The casserole was good! I had to use up the spinach and had a jar of spinach and cheese pasta sauce so I literally threw stuff together. I seasoned the turkey with chicken spice, celery seeds ( a pinch) and Italian seasoning. I also tossed out all the spices in my spice rack as the were all brown and are about 4 years . I'll replace them with small portions from the bulk barn in a few weeks.

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