Today's spending Feb 5/09

Vet 134.00 ( His fix, plus cone and 3 bones)
Grocery store 29.00

I'm working tomorrow but my parents will check on the dog for me. He's feeling ok, but its too funny trying to take him for a pee while he has his cone on! He's had a couple of mouthfuls of supper, and a little drink, but is mostly sleeping so far. LOL

Today @ work got in a spat with another co-worker. I accept my part in it ( if someone gets my back up not a pretty sight, its the first time in a very long time that I've reacted to anyone like that ) but honey leave your big black cloud @ home. Your life may not be what you want right now ( this is to my co-worker) but it doesn't mean you have to try to be negative with every female you come in contact with. ( She's fine with the men but not with the women).

I'm off to wash dog blankets, as my mother called to tell me that the house stinks like dog ( thanks mom I do really love you), and clean the kennel. I'm going to continue cleaning up, and watch ER tonight.


Canadian Saver said…
Glad the surgery went well!!

What's up with your co-worker and women?!?! Geezzzz. I woulda lost it too!
Money Minder said…
Glad the puppy is okay. Is he grumpy because of the surgery and the cone?
Anonymous said…
I watched ER last night here in England too, oh it was good! It was the Halloween episode, so we are a couple of months behind the US.

Glad your dog is ok!
Puppy is doing fine. I just had him outside minus the cone ( he needed a good pee and he wouldn't do much with the cone on).

I expect to be pulled into the office over yesterday and spoken to. My co-worker questioned something that everyone else who does the same job does without question, but felt that it was not in her job description to do. ( if she had have been nice about it I would have done it for her, she questioned it 4 times in 2 days after a clear e-mail was sent about what to do...) I'm trying not to dwell on it, but she really ticked me off.

I'm not sure if she'd ticked over what I'm doing now but that's the vibe I'm getting. I've paid my dues at my work place, I've changed my attitude from being my own black cloud of misery ( 2004-2007) to where I'm now and I can actually say I love my life and the direction its headed. It was me that had to change, not my work place, and I did something about it.

Hum, maybe I'll do a post on this some time!

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