Tuesday, Feb 24/09

Money spent today: 11.05 for a cab and food. I couldn't get the car out in the morning, so I cabbed it to work. My drive way is partially plowed, but I may have to pay for a bucket loader to come in and push the snow back or get it taken away. Either way it would cost about 250 to have it removed. Well maybe I'll just try to deal with it for a few more weeks.

It was dead last night @ work... I made 20.00 :(, but considering I had about 6 tables I didn't go too bad. I was out of there by 8...

DD had no school again yesterday, so she got to spend the day with her DAD again. They had a couple of good days hanging out and he got to meet one of her best friends yesterday.

Monday was a no spend no drive day BTW.

Today I needed to buy milk and bananas, and some lg garbage bags. I need to pay for physio too and DD got into the dentist today, so there's more money gone.

I'm planning on taking a few more photos today of the driveway and I'll post them tonight. I also need to shovel off the roof after work tonight! I think I'll get DD to cook supper and I'll do all the climbing.

I don't want to spend any more money this week.


Canadian Saver said…
Do you think there is more snow this year than last? It doesn't seem as bad here, but I haven't been in the city yet...
Yes, there is more snow than last year. Last year I still had 2/3 of my driveway. This year less than 1/4 and there is still one more month to go!

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