Sunday Feb 8, 2009

I spent 15.40 @ Shoppers + i cashed in 55.00 in optimum points.
I/we bought:
razors x 3 ( men's were on sale for 3.99 so that' what I bought LOL)
tissues x 4 @ .59
paper towels x 2 @ .59
hand soap refill 1.99
bath mesh 3.49
toothpaste 3.49
hair elastics 6.99
lip balm x2 @ 1.99
salsa 3.00
cat food x9 @.33
PH 23.99

Wal-Mart 13.21
sewing machine denim needles x2 @ 1.97
magazine 5.39
cadbury cream eggs 2.36

Convenience store 15.54
3.00 lotto ticket
8.50 tobacco
4.04 Smart food popcorn ( our favorite)

total spent 44.15

I didn't go to the grocery store as the only thing I really needed was cat food, and I have enough laundry soap to last until later on this week.

I'll get groceries maybe on Wednesday or Thursday. I really only need fruit ( apples, clementines and bananas), onions, coffee and baking soda. I'd like to get the pizza dough from the bakery too.

I'm off to continue the never ending laundry pile... and put some away too.


Canadian Saver said…
I love Shoppers!!! You got a lot of stuff :-) The organic tortilla chips are excellent, if ever you want something to eat with your salsa...
HI CS I buy my organic tortilla chips @ the bulk barn. Its a 600 g bag for 3.99, but in early Jan. they were on sale for 2.99. I may have to try the shoppers ones at some point.
Don't you just love Optimum Points?? I've gotten a lot of stuff with my rewards over the years. I find the new white stripey cards kind of ugly though, I liked them better when they were burgundy!

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