I made 70.00 @work tonight, plus my pay was 190.40. I need gas, I haven't bought any in a few weeks. I also didn't spend any money today. Yeah forme. I did book facials for DD and I when she is on March break. (It's not cheap, but its going to be so worth it, a couple hours of pampering... something I don't do enough of.

Tomorrow I'm going to clean the house, and go shopping. DD's father is coming to town tomorrow and i think he's staying@ myhouse but I have no idea... I may go to my office and hide there on Sunday.

I'm not feeling as anxious as I was earlier this week. I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel called winter.


Canadian Saver said…
Oh good luck with the visit... I don't blame you for wanting out of the house though!

Those facials will be fun :-) And March break is coming up very very soon!

If we can get through to March 15th, hopefully winter won't be so bad after that..........

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