Valentine's day is over.

I worked last night and yesterday was our busiest day ever. We had a pretty good crew working. so things didn't go too bad considering. I ended up making 100 in tips... Better than some, not as much as a couple of others ( 2 made close to 300 each but this is what they do for a living). I rolled coin, and counted the cashes so this mornings manager wouldn't have to.

DD and one of her best friends got dressed up and came over for a late supper. They looked too cute. DD went to stay @ her friends house for the night afterward. By the time I got home, walked the dof and got to bed it was 2:00 am, and the dog woke me up @ 7:00.

I was happy as DD grated the bar of soap for me last night, so I have the laundry soap made and ready to put in its jars. I should be making the next batch mid April.

I promised DD that we'd get chips and dip tonight, plus she wanted chocolate so we are going out this afternoon to buy a few groceries and we are going to play crib tonight and eat some junk.

I need to do my physio exercise through out the day and tidy up the house.

I think I need a back massage too, to try and work some of the kinks out.


Canadian Saver said…
It sounds like a very, very busy night!!! I've never eaten out on V-Day I don't think, been scared to try!!!

You two have a great "date" night planned! Yum, chips and dip :-)
The good thing about buying chocolate today is that a lot of it will be on sale!

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