DD got her bass!

DD got her bass last night from her DAD. It's very cute and fits her to a T. She's pretty pumped. She hang out with him for about 4 hours last night. The puppy entertained all evening and I'm not sure what the plans are for today.

I have a confession to make: I used my new MasterCard yesterday. LOL. My anxiety level was extremely high, and I couldn't eat anymore junk, I couldn't smoke anymore so I shopped @ WM and bought the puppy a new collar ( he had outgrown his), a new litter box for kitty, 2 types of cheese, yogurt, cream cheese, a hepa filter for my vacuum cleaner, 7 pairs of black stretchy gloves and toilet bowl cleaner, plus a re-usuable bag. I spent 105.05. Did I feel better? Yep, any regrets, not today, but maybe later on...

I also got some great help @ a local store while figuring out windows and stuff. I was there for an our and a half, and for 18 windows and a front door with side lites just a smidge over 7,000. Yep, currently my house has 16 windows ( 6 are basement), but I'm taking 2 bigger ones out and adding 4 smaller ones.

Yahoo, my plans for the house are coming together.


Canadian Saver said…
I'm really glad DD's dad delivered! She must be so happy :-)
She's a very happy girl right now, I must buy ear plugs now, so she can practice to her hearts content! She's lucky because she can play both right and left handed but finds the left handed more natural, and she's right handed. LOL
Canadian Saver said…
That's really cool, glad she finally got it :-)

I forgot to mention that you got a really good price for your windows!! Those will need to be replaced here too I think...
If you have a Timbr-mart where you are check them out. They have Peter Kholer windows on sale til the 28th of the month. I'm going to get all my mortgage stuff done next week and order the windows.

DD and her Dad were playing with the bass today. Puppy hates it... LOL I think she'll set it up in her room!

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