Overview of January/ year goals

Goals completed:

Xmas account opened Jan 1/09 which has 60.00. ( 50/month is my goal).
TFSA opened Jan 30/09 = 25.00 plus 25/biweekly starting next week.
No VISA usage.
I had 10 no spend days ( not the 12 I wanted but I'm happy with that)
I used my debit card twice for store transactions this month, both on the 5th. Any other time it was cash only...

I haven't been so great with the dishes, vacuuming or baking...

I have started looking into redoing my mortgage and I'll be doing a lot more research in the near future.


Anonymous said…
I think planning ahead for Christmas is the smartest decision. And when I have a family of my own, I plan to do the same thing! :)

10 no spend days!! Way to go!

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