Home from work...

I got home a few minutes ago... I still need to eat something for supper, (it'll probably just be a banana and a cookie). I made 40.00 in tips tonight! I didn't spend any money today! ( My first no spend of the month).

I received my yearly mortgage statement yesterday. My balance was 53,183.?? I'm hoping to have the same rate when I remortgage ( 4.4 %), but would like to borrow this time between 80 and 85000 to have the exterior and insulation removed. ( I really want a new heating system too, that'll be close to 10,000 for that. The rest I'll get to ASAP, unless something happens and I win a home renovation contest!

My backs killing me, so I;m off to eat and go to bed!


Canadian Saver said…
Is it snowing there? It's really bad here, but supposed to stop overnight. I only go in at noon so am hoping it'll all be clear by then.

You made a lot in tips for a Tuesday!
its snowing here but there's only about 10 cms on the ground. I still have to shovel the end of driveway!

Tuesdays have been really good lately. Lets hope Saturday is a 100.00 night.
PS puppy's snip is tomorrow!

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