Saturday morning musings

Account updates :

Student loan - 8,061.16
Xmas account - 90.00
Savings - 117.87 ( not sure what I'm saving for yet, probably lawyer fees)

My TFSA has 50.00 ( this will become my emergency fund).

I still owe mom 1500, plus my share of DD's trip is around 1,100.

I also found out that my life insurance policy through work is supposed to be added to my net worth. Si I've just realized if that is actually the case I'm worth over 200,000 to my DD if I should die. LOL

Today's plan are to clean again, laundry organize my paperwork and work tonight. Tonight should be busy, so I'm hoping to make 100 minimum...


BnJJ said…
Sorry, I cannot find any way to contact you. You posted on my blog that GVO posted about Target Click Mutual Funds but you gave no detail at all. Did she say they were good or bad? I cannot find anything she wrote. Was it on her website or her blog? More detail would really be helpful. Thanks.
Canadian Saver said…
I never heard about including your life insurance into the net worth equation?!

Good luck tonight!!

How is puppy doing?

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