I got my talking to today ( as expected)

Yep, I got my talking to as I thought I would. I did explain my version, including facial expressions and all. Apparently I did the same thing a few weeks ago ( I'm like WTF). However, I do recall the day they told me I had to do other duties and I expressed my opinion as I felt they should have informed me before hand, not 1/2 an hour before. I'm going to put on my big girl panties and try to have as little as possible to do with her.

Puppy is doing well, he has his cone off right now and is having a good chew on one of his new bones. The cat is fine too, although if anyone remembers DD spent all of her back to school money on a 150.00 pair of boots. This morning the cat decided because they were in the middle of all the crap sprawled on her floor they would make a lovely scratching post. She has a few nice nicks/gouges in the leather too. DD was pissed but hey lesson learned... CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM AND PUT STUFF AWAY.

I have no intentions of spending any money today....


Canadian Saver said…
Oh not good about work :-( Your coworker sounds like someone we'd all love to hate!!

That's too bad about your DD's boots... nothing is safe from a puppy and it seems now even less from a cat with claws!!
My co-worker has a heart of gold when she chooses. I've had many great discussions with her in the past about all kinds of stuff, ( houses, building etc) but its very evident that she does not want to be there.

DD's boots are wearable, but I still have to laugh about it...

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