Sunday and Monday spends

Sunday spends-
Tobacco and late movie fee - 20.00
Bulk Barn - 10.00
Bras- 29.86 + 50.00 ( I'm getting 2 more later this week as mine are falling apart, and a friend is picking them up for me on sale)
Ardenes- 5.65 ( gotta love the 5/10 stuff, my sister and I each bought 2 scarves and a hat for DD).
Monday -
4.00 for a coffee and bagel,
Groceries - 25.76

Today I need to deposit some money into the bank, plus put money on my coffee card.
I'm not working this week-end at all, so the extra money on my pay will pay to get me through the next 2 weeks.

My meal plan for the week includes:
Chicken soup ( homemade)- beef and broccoli, chicken and broccoli, omelet, bagels, oatmeal, plus I have to cook up 4 pieces of chicken that I brought from home yesterday. I'll use it for sandwiches and for next week.

Oh, and I'm planning on going to a masquerade ball the end of October. So I'll be paying to get in and for my costume. I'm thinking of Steam punk.( Which will come out of my fun fund unless my mother wants to pay for the ticket as an early B-day present)


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