So, I've agreed to Live Consciously and with Purpose for the next Year?

Starting October 1, 2010 I'll be joining Sharon and Maureen in an adventure, where the focus for me will be to live my life or " Paddling my Own Canoe", and when I chose to spend my money, it will be with a purpose. I will buy foods I love, but fast food... bye bye. If I chose to dine out- it will be at a "real resturaunt" with "real food".

For me personally, my biggest challege will be smoking. However, I'm starting a running program within the next week or so, and the goal is to train in 9 weeks for a 5 KM run. So roughly around the first week of December or so I'll have completed a 5 KM run... Deep breath, Sam deep breath, you can do this!

I will spend money on my health-new sneakers-exercise class.
I will save 1000.00 towards a week's cottage vacation or camping trip.
I will pay off my MC and snowball those payments.
I will have a balance of 1000.00 in my chequing account by October 1, 2011.
I will have a minimum of 2000.00 saved in my TSFA.

I will have a set " spending amount" for each month. ( TBA)
I will continue to find joy in the every day.
I will buy make-up when necessary ( no more FRUMP for me).
One more thing... I'm ready to start "dating" again... So, I'd like to go on a date a month ( maybe more). Just throwing that one out there!


Jane said…
Would it be alright if I joined in with your year of spending consciously?? I am doing it already in my own way but would love to have the encouragement and support of fellow conscious spenders!

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