Hides head due to spending in August

Hi, my name is Sam and I have an addiction to footwear.
So the total spent on life for the month of August was ta da: = 1869.14

Estimate Actual
Groceries 250.00 216.21
Fun 85.00 40.78
Resturaunts 70.00 121.47
Personal 20.00 33.39
House/gifts 75.00 294.56
smoking 150.00 124.72
clothing 75.00 197.96

gas 160.00 156.21

I under estimated the car registration by 54.00, I forgot to budget for the oil change, plus I needed new air filters =98.16, plus I forgot the taxes for the kennel fees and getting DD ready for school 320.06.

I'm glad I'm tracking my money now, so I can at least see where it's going... LOL


Sharon said…
I actually think you did great! Want to share photos of your shoes?
The Witch said…
All in All Sam I think you did quite good. Now that you are tracking your money you know more where it is going. Good for you and I'm hoping this Month is even better for you.
I'm starting to try and put more savings away for a trip down the road. I even walked out of Winners yesterday with no new Halloween towels and actually found nothing at Value Village.
I figured this saved me over $20.00 easily.
Maureen said…
It,s scary when you start to track your spends, but so worthwhile. Looks like your cutting back on your smoking ???

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