the cost of being forgetful

On Wednseday I ended up going to an awesome second hand store at lunch. I scored a t-shirt, cords and a great sweater for 11.87. Yesterday the office was supposed to go out for lunch as a group, but things got side lined and I did end up buying my lunch but brought it back to my desk. The soup was good but way too salty ( stripped my tongue salty). Lesson learned= keep a can of tuna at my desk in case of emergencies. 9.00 was spent of lunch.

I was getting ready to go to the exercise class I joined. I went lookng for my wallet (I don't carry a purse very often), and realised that it was sitting in my desk drawer at work. I did have my bank card, so I stopped and took out 20.00. But then I bought a pack of gum and a bag of smart food popcorn. Total spent there= 3.84, plus another 5.00 for the class. I was ticked at myself for forgetting the wallet, and annoyed at giving in to an impluse at the store. Lesson learned= keep your wallet in your laptop bag...

I also started to work on the pile of papers on my desk. In doing so, I found something that was supposed to be part of a large fax I sent 12 days ago... S**t, I told the person what happened and she wasn't happy, and neither was I. The paper was placed on my desk and got caught in the avalance... My mess may cause a delay in something the office has planned...

I'll be on the road for home in about 5.5 hours, and it'll be a busy week-end again, but a productive one as always. I've started my meal plan for next week based on the flyers, and I'll post it later on!


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