Being forgetful part 2

I forgot my bank card at the house where I live during the week... I realized this when I went to pick up my pay cheque from the restaurant. Thank goodness I could go to the bank and deposit it with out the card and withdraw a bit of cash for the week-end. The funniest part of the whole thing? I withdrew 120.00 for the week-end, which is plenty of money, and the teller said" well at least you have for Visa for the week-end". I laughed and said, that stays in the wallet, the cash will do. The look on her face was priceless. " I took it as" what do you mean, is that all your going to spend is 120.00 over the entire week-end?"

The 120.00 will go towards - gas 60.00, groceries I spent 26.05 today and I'm set for home, I'll probably spend 20.00 on Monday, plus another 7.50 for a movie and a scratch ticket ( which I lost on). I have extra so that I can send DD a care package tomorrow on the bus.

Oh and when I was at the grocery store I forgot a bag... The dog came for the drive when I realized that I forgot the bag! Tonight, I'm just doing the laundry and watching "letters to Juliet". I don't even feel like cooking supper, so I'll eat yogurt and fruit for supper. My plans for the pot pie will hold off until tomorrow.

"update" loved the movie, I cried during the last half hour. Good movie to watch with some girl friends!


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