The week-end

So I bought groceries Friday night, including dog food for just under 73.00. Saturday morning I mailed a parcel to DD total 13.81, put gas in the SUV- 38.00, bought tobacco 38.00, and spent a whopping 147.00 at Canadian Tire- Cuisnart knives were half price, the dog needs a walking lead for my mothers and I bought the stuff to make an outdoor tie up for the dog. Plus I bought him a stuffed duck that squeaks. I hung out with old work friends last night and made plans for this week-end.

Today I knocked off my to-do list by 9:30, and worked 9.5 hours at the restaurant today. I made 165.00, so I'd say it was worth it! I've got my meals planned out for the week, and I just need to buy some fruit tomorrow night and I'm ready for the week. I'm played out and getting ready for bed.

I talked to DD tonight for a few minutes. She's doing ok, hates the food and is going to call her grandfather to see if she can get an invite for supper. I did accept DD's father's friend request on facebook. I told her tonight and she's thinks it's weird, but when I told her I can send him messages and let him know what shes up to, she understood.


Maureen said…
Facebook a blessing and a curse, depends how you use it. Great to see your still tracking those spends.
The Witch said…
Wow you had another busy week and now it's back to your full-time job as well.
Sounds as if DD is adjusting well, I bet she can't wait to get home for a nice home cooked meal. Is she coming home for Thanksgiving?
I never used facebook so I'll guess I'll learn from you experience at it.
Have a good week and some fun.

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