October first is almost here and ...

I'm gearing up for an adventure filled year! One of the biggest changes I've made in the past year or so is my grocery bill. Inspired by "the Frugal Girl", I do my best not to waste food in my fridge. My older sister always said" the most expensive food in your fridge is the stuff you throw out" and it's so true. Last night for instance, I ripped up handfuls of spinach and tossed it into my chicken soup ( and for the record it didn't taste too bad).

I'm planning the week out based on living in 2 homes, and depending on the best sales, when I grocery shop. Come to think of it, I won't need anything this week-end unless I decide to make apple pies, and then I'll only need shortening... I may decide to go to the bulk barn for spices, popcorn, tea and oatmeal... ( DD will be home the next week-end and I may give her some things to take back.

I've just become inspired for a challenge for the first week of October... 15.00 maximum in grocery spending ( From the first to midnight of the seventh).

Another challenge I've been thinking about for a very long time is applying to do my masters degree. I've been checking out schools and I really would like to do the majority of my work on line, so I can still work FT, and take 1 course at a time. University of Calgary and University of New Brunswick both have programs I'm interested in... Oh and Colorado State university has one too... First I have to apply, and that's the scary part... The little what if guy is saying, what if you don't get in, what if you fail...

I would like to write my name as "Ostrich Sam", BA, M.Ed. I had my application all ready to do my social work degree on line about 8 years ago and was at the post office, envelope in hand ready to buy the stamps and walked out, and threw the application in the garbage. I was scare to be rejected... I think I've just convinced myself to apply anyways... rejection letters or not... I'll never know until I apply...

Oh and I just opened a g-mail address: if you want to send me an email- paddlingmyowncanoe at gmail dot com

SAM :)


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