Another adventure with lice ( and it's not in my family this time!)

Today I walked the dog for over an hour ( it was chilly and overcast), did some pampering for myself, ran a few errands and brought the dog for the drive, which was good because he was waiting for me in the car and I just bought what was on the list in the grocery store and that was it!

I ended up spending 11.58 at the grocery store, 10.63 at the bulk barn, 1.28 on stamps, 49 for gas and 6.50 for family fun.

The family fun took part in New Brunswick farm day. We went to a local farm and jumped on the hay ride. Picture this: My sister and I were sitting beside one another on the bales, and we had extended family sitting behind us. We were chit chatting to an old friend who was sitting on the sides. There was a bunch of 10 years sitting directly in front of us and beside the friend. I'm looking at the top of a young girls head and I can see them crawling over her head, plus you could see the clusters of nits. I whispered to my sister what I saw ( to make sure I wasn't crazy), she looked and was horrified, our friend saw the look on our faces and I mouthed " head lice crawling". She quickly checked it out and saw them too! She moved over a little closer to her own kids. I feel bad for the little girl who has them. We played dodge the kid all afternoon, as none of wanted to get too close, and it put a damper on the afternoon fun.

I did pay for 2 burgers and a hot dog, while my sister bough me a candy apple that I will enjoy tomorrow!

Tonight, I play on watching a bit of TV, and being in bed at a decent time. I have everything ready for tomorrow, so when I get up in the morning, I can walk the dog for half an hour, shower, load the car and be on the road. I don't even need to go to the grocery store this week, as I have everything I need to eat!


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