Saturday's done

Yesterday being Saturday, was advance polling for the up coming election. I gathered up my sheet and did my civic duty. I also went to the library and borrowed 4 books. Around the house I cleaned my rooms, the bathroom and vacuumed every where. I also cleaned out the pantry, getting rid of a few expired items, and dusted off the fireplace and decorated it for the fall/ Halloween. I also took a quick look at my finances and it'll be tight but manageable.

I worked yesterday and ended up with 65.00 in my pocket. Not as good as last week, but enough money for gas and 2 exercise classes. I'll just need to spent about 20.00 on groceries for the week ( fruit and salad stuff).

Today I need to do some yard work, like mow the lawn and put some things away. I want to make spaghetti sauce later on, and I'm going apple picking with my family later on today. I see the marathon apple pie session next week in my future but it will be so worth it!

The dog is suffering from a bit of anxiety right now. He only ate 3 times from Monday morning to Friday night and only once yesterday. Last night when got under the covers, he jumped on the bed and curled up by my side. I scratched his ears and talked to him and he settled in about 10 minutes. I'll take him with me this morning when I return the movie and run a few errands.


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