Here's how my weekly schedule is looking, today's spends and a meal plan of sorts

In my quest to make my life saner, I'm working on a weekly schedule ( Thank you fly lady). In order to have a sense of peace, I need to schedule things like bill paying, grocery shopping, and exercise, plus some fun time too!

Sunday's either realxing or working. One thing that is on the books is walk the dog, ( he loves it and I need it).
Monday - drive to work, work, quick walk at lunch, supper and possible an exercise class.
Tuesday - work - light supper- an exercise class scheduled in the evening.
Wednseday - work, quick walk at lunch, supper, then back to work for a couple of hours.
Thursday - work, supper, possibly an exercise class.
Friday - work, drive home, errands and groceries, walk the dog,laundry,house work, hang out with friends.
Saturday - walk the dog, work or relax. I'll be doing a library run on Saturday mornings.Visit with the parents too needs to fit in here somewhere too.

Sunday I spent nothing and today I spent 20.00 @ Tim's ( 18.00 on my coffee card and the other 2.00 on a coffee). I spent 19.52 on groceries ( grapes, 6 eggs, ginger root, garlic, a tomato, cucumber, cheese, apples, mini carrots, hamburger and hamburger buns.

Meal plan -

Monday - Lunch leftover cajun chicken pasta - supper- ham, potatoes and carrots
Tuesday - Lunch leftover cajun chicken pasta - supper - omelet with veggies, toast
Wednesday -chicken with spinach salad - supper- pork stir fry with rice
Thursday- lunch- pork stir fry with rice - supper tuna sandwich with veggies
Friday - lunch- leftover stir fry - supper - some type of pasta with tomato sauce
Saturday - breakfast- cereal and fruit, lunch will be eggs, toast and fruit, supper will be at work
Sunday - I'd like to go out for breakfast/brunch and I have 2 baby chickens in the freezer, so I'm thinking that I'd like to roast one for supper or make beer can chicken. It'll depend on the weather.

I've been having breakfasts of fuit, yogurt and granola, plus I usually have an apple in the afternoon. Some evenings I like to have ginger snaps with tea or ice cold milk.


The Witch said…
Sounds as if you have your whole week planned out.
I also do the food menu which helps to remind me what meat needs to be taken out of the freezer. I also organize the freezer with a booklet listing what is buried down there and then cross of the items as I use them. Saves time digging around and realizing I don't have the hamburg I thought I did.
Maureen said…
My word you are super organised I have an idea about menus for the week, but after that I,m flying by the seat of my pants.

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