My work space looks like a bomb hit it...

My desk at work is a mess... All the papers are in piles and it's driving me crazy! I started a list of tasks that I need to do every day and things that are to get done on specefic days to keep me on task. Lunch time has been no break at all, enough time to eat and that's it. So I've decided that for my morning break, I'll throw on my sneakers and go for a 20 minute walk. It'll get me out of the office and give me some much needed sunshine.

I also had a chance to talk to DD on facebook last night for the first time in a week. We had a good chat and things seem to be going good for her. She getting excited about her birthday this week-end and I think she'll be doing something with her friends.

I spent a grand total of 5.00 yesterday on the exercise class. Money well spent for me. I also talked to my mother yesterday to see how the dog is doing. He's better this week, and loves having my nephew around.


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