18 years ago...

I became a mother. I was over due, and she was so slow in making her exit into the world. As in me being 1-2 cms dilated for over 24 hours, then on the drip for 2.5 hours and making it to 5 cms, and I still thinking" is this ever going to be done?" 45 minutes later, she made her way into the world, small and pink and perfect in every way.

I can still remember the feeling of , this little baby is my responsibility for the rest of my life,and tons of other thoughts and feelings.

Going against the grain ( something I tend to do), we defied the odds, and you grew up with a mother going to school full time, then working full time, but still finding the time to have fun together. We've survived some rocky roads, and come out stronger because of them.

In your short life you've had tons of opportunities and experiences, all of which helped you mold into the person you are today. You are an example of two peoples best qualities meshing and coming into one person. She is not perfect, but I like to think I've raised a compassionate, loving, and strong woman who will make her mark on the world.



Sharon said…
What a wonderful tribute to your daughter! And what a strong woman you are to do it all by yourself!
Jolie said…
totally changes your life. Wishing her a happy birthday!
Maureen said…
Happy Birth Day to you both.

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