So, I just wanted to send a message...

to DD's father on facebook saying she was still alive as far as I knew and sent her new number again. I didn't send the add a friend component, just the message. He sent me a friend request... I feel very weirded out about accepting his friend request. I may accept but limit what he can see... and I think I'd prefer it if he limits what I can see on his. I'd just like to send him messages about DD, I don't need info about his personal life and he doesn't need anything about mine ( not that I actually have one right now, but a gril can dream can't she?)

Oh and tonight I just realised that I have stats on my blog. And you know what? I have people who read my blog in Australia, Luxemberg, Finland ( Asian Pear I think it was you reading it while you were away, correct me if I'm wrong), India, Korea, Ireland, England,Germany, Canada and the US.

Crazy! Tomorrow is Friday, and I'll be sleeping in my own bed tomorrow night, walk the dog and I can get the laundry completed tomorrow and relax on Saturday. I'm going out with friends on Sartuday night, and I work at my PT job on Sunday.

Oh and the icing to my cake today? My direct supervisor wants me to work later on Monday to Thursday and I get to go home at lunch time on Friday! "WHOOT WHOOT..."


Maureen said…
Some of the information people put on facebook freaks me out, my niece had her mobile number on there and ended up with some weird calls.

By the way I,m one of the australian stats.
Canadian Saver said…
Yeah, the ex wanting to be friends on facebook would weird me out too!!

Hey, grab the opportunity to go home on Fridays at noon!!! In winter that'll be especially nice, driving during the daytime instead.

Have a great weekend :-)

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