I'm starting to scare myself

This is how I'm starting to scare myself. I drove back home, stopped to rent " the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". total 5.54 just under ( Fantastic movie BTW). Stopped at the grocery to store to get a few things including the dogs food - 43.68 ( flour was on sale so I snagged a bag of it too). Went to my mothers and found my nephew and dog playing together. My nephew who was scared of the dog two weeks ago was feeding him by hand! The added bonus of seeing the two of them together? I don't know who was more excited to see me, my nephew or the dog.

I got to my home before 5, unloaded the car, and started doing laundry right away. I opened all the mail, read it and got rid of the junk, and set the bills in the filing tray. I changed into gym clothes, ate a piece of toast and grabbed the dogs leash and harness. I also took a few minutes to pull a few items out of the pantry and freezer to start the prep for supper.

Walked the dog, and did another load of laundry. Made oven roasted fries ( I used 3 small potatoes, a dash of chive vinegar, 1 TBSP of oil and spices), I thinly sliced the steak, and cooked it with red peppers and onions, then added some Montreal steak spice, HP sauce, beef stock, corn starch and a few other things, toasted a bun and had Cheese steak sandwich with oven fries for supper. I must say buying those new knives made the prep seem to go a little quicker.

I did the dishes after eating, then decided I should get my clothes ready for next week. I stood in my room, and as I decided on a outfit, I put it, along with anything extra it needed ( like a scarf or bracelet) into the basket. I added my gym clothes and pj's too. By 8:00 I had it all done.

A friend came over, we made tea and I pulled out the blueberry muffins, plus some chocolate and we settled in to watch the movie. After it was over, I took the dog for one last pee, came into the house and did my little bed time routine and was asleep by 12:30.

In the not so distant past I would have bought take-out for supper, as I thought I was too tired to cook, the laundry would have stayed in the basement until Sunday night because I would have forgotten about it, and the packing of the clothes would have been in a panic, resulting in me forgetting something like socks. I'm calling the change " steering my own canoe".


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