SO I had to miss work today.

I called my quasi-supervisor today and told her the scoop on the house, etc. Told her I hoped to be there tomorrow but it depends on when the house gets fixed. She was not real happy, ( told me to find someone else to wait for the contractor but I refused saying it's my house and i need to be here while the work in happening.). Sorry, but sometime life takes priority over work. DD is on her way home now, so I'll be doing laundry and the such tonight. If i miss work again tomorrow, I've things ready to do.

I did manage to knock a lot of stuff off my to do list today. i even managed to batch ranger cookies ( although I burned one pan), and a pot of beef barley soup! I may even bake muffins and maybe oatmeal cookies later!

I did spend money today, 67.80 for snow plowing. But to me that's money well spent!


Money Funk said…
Ya, I have to agree with you. If it's my house I need to make sure the work is done properly. Somone else may not take heed to making sure it's done to liking. ;)

Well now, I pass you some of the warmth from my high 70s/low 80s day. ;)
Canadian Saver said…
Is $67.50 for one storm?? I'm blessed that my dad does it... he plows all the way down to the woods, opens a trail for him and the horses... I can't imagine having to pay for it to be professionally done! Yikes.
67.50 was for 2 storms. ( one in December that I forgot to pay for) 33.90/storm. It' pricey, but they do a good job and if they break something ( like my deck), they fix if for free in the spring.

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