don't ask how the pictures suddenly appeared on my sidebars and welcome to a new east coast canadian blogger

Sorry for the long winded title but it fits. Today I managed not to spend any cash, but I did pay my bills on line! I do have to put gas in the vehicle before I go home tomorrow, so I supect it'll cost about 40.00.

I found a new East Coast Canadian blogger, , she's a woman trying to live a thrifted, more frugal life. I laughed very hard tonight while reading her blog, where she was talking about the demise of the used bookstore, and the lack of literacy skills in her city. ( Ria, I know the city and I get it!). So stop by and say hello and welcome her to the world!

I go home tomorrow and have a list of projects for saturday to complete. But tomorrow night, I plan on watching some TV. I'd like to post on what I watch but I won't because I'd like to have it password protected and haven't figured that one out yet. ( you think after almost 18 months of blogging I'd have it figured out but NOPE, not me!


Ria said…
Thanks for the welcome, Sam! It's definitely good to meet other East Coast bloggers! :D

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