Dreaming of a new to me house!

I've been looking at new to me houses in the area where I currently work. I think I may have found one that would fit my lifestyle. It's smaller than my current house ( by just under 500 square feet), but it has an attached garage, a finished basement, bigger kitchen, and back yard. It has a full bath, a half bath and a den ( which I would use as a library/office space). The only things it doesn't have is a fireplace ( but I can have one installed, propane of course, and a dishwasher). I've only been looking on line, as I have to firm up my decisions and work ( I can transfer there FT).

If this becomes reality and I do sell my current home and buy this little one, I can keep my current mortgage amount, buy the new one and wipe out all of my consumer debt and still have a bit of money in the bank....

I'd still have a room for DD to call her own, I could find a pull out couch for the family room and extra guests could stay there.

I'm just thinking right now, but fingers crossed that this happens.


The Witch said…
The house sounds nice Sam.
Fireplaces are easy to have installed, I wouldn't do without mine. I really love the look of it and it is really great for back-up heat if the power is out for hours.
Ria said…
Best of luck, and I hope you can get the house. Someday I think I'd like a house of my own, and my roommate and I have been contemplating a downpayment on one once her credit cards are paid off and we're both out of debt. It'd be nice to stop renting and to start owning, that's for sure!

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