Never, ever eat at a chain resturant in Halifax

I'm usually lucky when i go out to eat. the food is usually good and so is the service. My experience in Halifax with food was bad, really bad! I did like the lunch i had at Cora's and the server was pretty good. However, yesterday we ended up at chain, and it was terrible! The server clearly didn't want to be there, we ended up in a area that they were doing a fundraiser and had people standing by our table looking at the pictures over our booth( hello, I'm eating!), we had to ask for a ton of things that we needed, etc! I will be writing a quick note to the web site and letting them know it was a disaster! I did buy 3 pairs of shoes and 2 books , plus a sweater made of bamboo thread.

The added bonus, I'm learning how to crochet! Yep, I had some lessons on Friday night, and it was OK, but I think that I want crochet left handed, based on the way i was holding things. I'll give it a whirl!

Today I'll be doing laundry, and picking up the dog, plus taking him for a long walk!


Anonymous said…
I try to avoid chain restaurants if at all possible for the exact reasons you talked about. I would much rather spend my money at a locally owned restaurant. :-)

Good luck w/ your crocheting. I never got beyond the very basics, but I loved watching my mom knit/crochet when I was younger.

Have a great Sunday!
Anonymous said…
sorry you had a bad experience. One of my good friends lives in Halifax and she raves about the restaurants but I have no clue where she eats! lol

enjoy the crocheting and walk!

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