It's so windy outside!

We're having a Nor'easter on the east coast of Canada right now. The wind is over 100kms/hour I'm sure! In fact the winds are so strong that a piece of my siding has blown off the side of the house. I could here some banging about 2 hours ago, and when I checked I could see the piece hanging in front of my bedroom window. LOL.

It started to snowing this morning, but its changed to rain now, so it'll be really messy tomorrow.

I couldn't find a day planner that I liked and was good for my budget, so I found a 13 pocket holder type binder for 1.97 at Staples, cut up a free calendar and slotted them in the dividers. The extra pocket i can keep a note book and calculator in.

I did buy a few things at WM today, oven mitts, boot tray, floor mats, and batteries for my camping lantern.

Tomorrow will be hanging out and just being!


Canadian Saver said…
It's pretty nasty here, I'm already dreading the drive tomorrow and I just have 10 minutes to go, not 2 hours like you!!!

It's going to be crappy most of the week. Oh joy!

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