2 days of no spending so far this week.

I decided on Sunday night that I would not buy my lunch at all this week nor would I buy groceries at my home away from home, but I would eat what I brought with me or what I had on site. My intention is to donate 30.00 to the red cross on pay day for relief in Haiti.

So far so good. I'll be having beef barley soup for lunch tomorrow, with cheese and crackers, plus raw veggies and hot chocolate for dessert. Supper tomorrow will be an omelet with mushrooms and tomatoes, plus a salad with feta and olives.

Lunch on Thursday will be salad with boiled eggs on the side, while supper will be soup with crackers, cheese and grapes.

Friday I'll have salad again, with cheese or eggs on the side, supper will just be fruit that I eat on the drive home, plus maybe a muffin when I get home and getting ready job # 2.

So if things stay on track, I'll have 3 days without spending for sure, Thursday will be a spend day as I have to pay rent for the next 2 weeks ( 120), gas ( 30.00) and money for a ticket for a show (25.00), my donation ( 30.00). I'll withdraw 200 from the bank, as I have a five dollar bill in my coat pocket.

Work wise things are ok. I like what I'm doing for the most part but find it very frustrating by times. I have discovered that I work much better away from my desk and the distractions caused by its location, or in a pinch I've been using earphones to block the noise.


Canadian Saver said…
Sounds like a good plan! You have enough yummy food from your marathon cooking session on Sunday!!!
The Asian Pear said…
good plan. i always find that when I plan out my meals and what has to do I am able to achieve several NSDs at once.

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