Friday, January 1, 2010

I worked for 7.45 hours and made 73.00 in tips! That make 312.00 I made this week in tips. Crazy, but good. I worked 28 hours, so it works out to 21.50/hour which is just about my average when I work. I'm pleased with this, as I love the social aspect of the job, plus I'm always meeting new people.

As far as what I'm planning to do this year, its me doing 1 new thing a month for the next 12 months. My plan is to start with something I've always wanted to do, but whether based on my own fears or insecurities I haven't. January's new thing is to join a yoga class or a fitness class during the week, and continue on with it for the year. ( either at home or in a class). February's will be no smoking for the month ( this one is going to be my biggest challenge for me). March I'm not sure yet, but it will involve financial matters. I want to learn water safety for canoes and kayaks too, so that's going to be one for the summer too.

Today's plans involve cleaning, and making a pot of beef barley soup. I may cook something else but I'm not too sure yet. DD won't be home until tomorrow or Monday due to the storm, so I can do more work tomorrow too and not feel guilty.


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