3 no spend days so far...

Today was pay day so I did some banking. I took just a smidgen under 250 out of the bank today. More than what I originally planned, but with good reason. Out of the money I used 120 for rent, 32 on gas ( 26 for gas, plus 6 for lotto tickets), 30 for Haiti relief, and the money that I was going to pay back for my show ticket, well the person won't take the money, so I'll donate it to another cause. I did buy 2 chocolate bars for charity ( 4.00),plus I spent 6.75 on 2 books and some chips. The rest of the money that I spent ( just under 50.00), I can't tell you right now, as it's part of DD's graduation gift. :)

Tonight I didn't feel like eating supper, so I'll be having a huge salad tomorrow when i get home, ( I'll be getting home earlier than I thought). Hard to believe its Thursday already!


Ria said…
Some days I've been tempted to keep track of my no spending days too, but I think it would be unfair of me to do so when I'm unemployed and have no money to spend anyway! :)
The Asian Pear said…
that's great. Sadly, I've been spending every day this week!! I'm hoping to do better next week. ~__~;
Congrats on 3 days of no spending!


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