Thrusday's events

I arrived home before 2:00, expecting bodies to be ready to roll. Nope, DD was just showering. Strike 1. So, I decided to take the dog for a walk. The snow has melted and there's bare patches of ground. Dog finds poop, rolls in it, and gets it all over his neck and collar. Srtike 2. I clean him with sunlight dish soap and rags, and it smells so bad! I take him to the kennel, where he was a little upset, but he made some new friends. We get on the road shortly after 3:00.

I'm half way to Halifax when I ask DD to read me the directions to the hotel. A small little voice said " shit, I knew I was forgetting something" Srtike 3. I haven't driven in Halifax for 15 years. So, needless to say I'm a wee bit annoyed! The girls are supposed to be my co-pilots, I see the exit sign and tell the girls to watch for it, as I'm stressed about drving in the dark. I miss the exit. But I did find the MicMac Mall. I got swung around and arrived at the hotel around 8:15. I'm tired and hungry and cranky now. I ask the clerk where guests can smoke outside, the older lady at the desk pipes in and says "you can't smoke in the room". I said to her very nicely" I don't even smoke in my own home, I just want to know where I can go out side". So I have to stand on the side walk to the side of the hotel. Hello, do I feel like white trash, YEP. Strike 4.

After debating about food, we decided to go to Mexacali Rosa's. We go, I have a beer, the girls get water, we order our food. Can you see where this is headed? Our food order is messed up, and disgusting. Over cooked wings with the wrong sauces, nachos missing 1/2 the toppings. Thank goodness the server was good! The manager, bless him took 1/2 the food off the bill, plus gave me free food the next time we're here! ( I didn't complain at all, and I left the server a 50% tip, because she rocked!).

The roads here today were messy and sloppy, so i braved the roads and drove the girls to the school, braving morning traffic! I have studded winter tires, plus AWD, so I popped it into AWD and away i went! My plans for this morning are to shower, bring our luggage to the car and wander around Downtown Halifax. I'm looking for shoes, as my only black flats cracked and let the water in. Tomorrow I'm looking for new jeans.

Oh, and I forgot to add, DD packed the suitcase. No socks, jeans with paint over then and pants that are ripped, plus shirts I never wear.

I did get a little stressed but I survived! Bring on the shoes today!


The Asian Pear said…
Oh dear. What a mix-up. So sorry about the bad day. Hopefully, today and the weekend will be much better!
Rachelle said…
wow, you could make a movie with that story!
The Witch said…
This is just too funny.
Hopefully your weekend will be much better and you finds some bargins in Halifax.
I just love walking around the downtown, and the Split Crow pub is really fun.
That is a lot of mix ups! Poor you!!!

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