Working in a shared space and other thoughts

I don't talk about work very often, but today I will. One of my co-workers likes to talk on the phone with her door open, meaning we can hear everything she is saying! I've taken to wearing earphones and listening to the radio, so I don't have to listen to her ramblings. This same person very seldom brings food ( she makes more than any of us), and is always mooching food from everyone else. I'll share with anyone, but when you never recipricate it gets a little annoying. It doesn;t seem to matter what the food is, she's always looking for a "taste". Any ideas on how to deal with a co-workers like this? PS- she likes to brag about how "cheap" she is.

I'm getting better at keeping my food budget between 200-250/month, plus another 50 for household goods, like toilet paper, etc. It's more of a challenge now, to see how well we can eat for this amount. One of the best resources we have in our house is a very old cook book I bought at a yard sale. The book was published in 1928, so it is a good resource for making things like stocks, and canning.

My quit date is February 24, ( 25 days and counting). Plus I'm going to be taking a class in Zumba, so I'll have meet January's challenge. I'll have to post the 12 challenges I want to meet this year. ( I'll do it on Friday, as I'll be on my own, and I may hear Starbucks calling my name.


Anonymous said…
Sadly, I've found the hard way, that these people will take anything from you that they can! I try to use humor in situations like this, I might try something like

"oooh it must be almost time for you to bring something in to share with us, did you say you're going to tomorrow?, I can't wait" lol

I think you do have to be careful, these people also seem to have a way to turn situations around, but it is certainly enough to cause some mild annoyance ;)

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