Shopping on New Years Eve.

I went to the grocery store on New Years eve to pick up a few things. While there i decided to pick up 2 new laundry baskets, and wrapping paper for next year. I ended up getting 1 laundry basket for free, as they charged me the wrong price! God bless people for writing about the policy for that one. Plus i got a 4 pack of wrapping paper, curly ribbon and tags for the grand total of less than 3.00 including tax! In total I spend 30.00 at the grocery store yesterday.

My only plan for today is to work and then I'm coming home to drink a beer or 2 with a friend and get some rest. The week-end is looking messy, so I'll hunker down and get some more stuff done around the house, then Monday is back to reality, unless the roads are too bad, then i'll staying put for the day and will leave on Tuesday.

Happy New Year everyone!


Canadian Saver said…
You know, I've had items charged wrong a few times and it's been corrected when I spoke up, but I never asked for it for free... I should get the nerve to do it next time!!

Does it always work for you?
I had no problem with it at the Superstore. Good luck with it!

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