Week-end spending and other stuff

I don't do well spending anything... I spent 35 Friday night, nothing on Saturday and just a smidge over 120 yesterday for stuff at Shoppers, groceries and gas. I do have to go and take money out to pay the rent this week ( 200 for 3 weeks according to our deal).

I did manage to make a pot of sausage and lentil soup last night, plus a pizza for DD ( froze half for lunches), pasta sauce ( frozen too). Plus the house was looking better than normal!

I think I've finally hit a plan of action for the week-ends. I work every secong Friday, so this Friday i work, next week I'll work too, as I have to take the following week-end off. When I'm home I want to do nothing but landry and hang out on the couch, cook supper.

Saturday's - clean, landry, library, groceries, cook, bake, movie ( from the library), read, and work for work. Plus walk the dog!

Sunday's - read, cook, walk the dog, and relax... Get my suitcase pack, lunches ready for the week, and back on the road on Monday mornings.

I did spent 6.72 at the grocery store tonight on cheese, tomatos and chips ( my downfall).

I'm off to do some work and bed soon! I'm tired as I was on the road at 6 this morning, so I'm ready for bed...


Canadian Saver said…
I wouldn't do well at 6 am on the road... When I worked away from home, and in college too, I always drove up the night before. But it cuts into the weekend bigtime.......

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