Monday musings

The week-end went by way too fast! I did manage to spend 53.00 on groceries, 20 on my bad habit and a paper, 8.00 for a movie and chips, plus on Sunday I spent 32.00 on gas and windshield wiper fluid, plus I bought my family coffee and donuts from Tim's.

I did work at my PT job and made 85.00 in 5 hours.Which was pretty good, considering I was off my game a wee bit.

I walked the dog on Saturday afternoon and it was a little chilly, but I was dressed warm. DD and I made steak, with fried mushrooms and onions, plus twice baked potatoes. I rented the movie Julie and Julia, I really liked it, but once again I missed part as i fell asleep. I did see the very end however.

Sunday I walked the dog twice, plus I went skating for an hour! The sun was shining once again, so I actually spent the bulk of the afternoon outside. Supper on Sunday was salad with chicken. DD wasn't a fan, but I liked it.

I did not do any batch cooking this week-end as I have no room in my freezer right now. Plus the majority of the money I spent on groceries was for meat and frozen veggies. ( 30.00 for enough meat for at least 15 meals;chicken, roast beef, steak, pork chops, tuna)

Considering that we are going away for part of the week-end, I'm glad i saved a little bit of money this week. I figure this week-end will end up costing about 400-500. Hotel for 1 night (150), the other we're staying with friends, supper out 1 night, 2 lunches, plus gas ( it'll be over 100 for gas). I'm glad I'm going this time with her as I want to check out the campus, plus I want to see where my baby will be living in September.


Canadian Saver said…
Where is your DD going to university? Sounds like a good trip!!
its me, sam said…
Fingers crossed King's college ( its part of Dal).

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