Sunday's kitchen

Today i finished the shepard's pie ( using herb and garlic cream cheese in the potatoes), chicken quesdea's ( so not spelled right), oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, banana muffin, corn muffins, cut up carrots and celery for the week, plus bagged grapes and things for lunches.

DD has to grab and go for her lunches, I've just got to pack things up on the morning and I'm set for the week. I'll be having spinach and romaine salads with black olives, mushrooms and feta cheese,pretzels, carrots and celery,beef barley soup, sauage and lentil soup, hambuger soup, shepards pie, banana muffins, corn muffins, cookies, grapes, bananas, clemtines, eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches ( this is meal plan for the work week). I have money on my tim's card that my sister gave me for Christmas, so I plan to donate money to aid Haiti this week that I would normally spend for my own groceries and spending money ( 30.00).

I did manage to walk the dog this afternoon, have a nap, go out for breakfast and visit with my family. I spent about 4 hours in the kitchen today, plus 2 yesterday, and I feel pretty good having actually cooked and baked 2 week-ends in a row!

Tomorrow is back to work, and considering that I did nothing work related this week-end, I'll be busy this week!


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