Back to work but not @ home

I managed to get to work this morning! It was a good drive, but the sun was only up for about the last 20 minutes of the drive.

I did spent just under 20.00 on groceries tonight. I bought 1/2 a rotessiare chicken, bread, milk, eggs, cheese slices and a bag of seasoned rice ( note to self do not buy this again). The prices at this grocery store were on average about .50 cents higher for things like clementines, carrots etc. I don't think I'll be buying very much there unless its on sale. For lunch tomorrow, I'll have either chili or soup from home and I'll have the leftover rice and chicken tomorrow night for supper.

If anyone has any ideas for quick suppers for 1 I'd like it, as I forsee lots of soup and grilled cheese for supper this winter.

Two more sleeps and I'll be home again. I also booked a few days off the end of the month, as I tend to get the winter blues around then. So I'll be home for 5 sleeps that week-end.

Plans for tonight, some prep for work, and to finish reading "Debt-Free Forever". Then I'll get my plan in action! Yahoo! The next thing I want to do is "sell my house". July 10th, 2010 is the date I'd like to close on. And no, its not on the market but I'm letting people know that I'll sell to the right buyer. (99,000.00 - 109,000.00).

I paid my Visa today, so tomorrow, DD's 200 for her trip will go into the bank for her trip.

Oh, and I double checked my pay stub on line. They screwed up and underpaid me again. So I sat down and actually did the math and figured out that I've been under paid by 1.55 an hour for 10 pays. I sent a very nice e-mail to the lady whose in charge of payroll. If my numbers are right it's over 1,000 gross. Fingers crossed, that I see that money soon! ( I could have my MC paid off very soon!).


The Asian Pear said…
well, if it is a miscalculation, I hope you get it back.

for quick suppers, I'd do breakfast fry-ups, dumplings and noodles, quick stir-frys.
quick suppers for me are soups, pasta and meat with rice & salad.

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