My dog has fleas... :(

A dog nibbling and gnawing around his tail, one quick check around the tail, and the evidence... flea eggs!

FAWK.... ( excuse my language), so spent the day cleaning house and dog. He looks so pretty now, and his coat feels much better. I had to treat the cat too...

I ended up spending 45.00 on getting stuff to treat the animals, and 50 on groceries. I got loads of fruits and veggies, plus milk, etc. I also made a pot of hamburger soup and the start of shepard's pie. I'll bake cookies tomorrow and finish the laundry up. Then back to work on Monday. I did manage to walk the dog today and fingers crossed tomorrow too.

Watched the movie "the Lovely Bones", tonight, beautifully done. Go and see it!


Canadian Saver said…
Oh no!!!! Good idea to treat the cat too.

Luckily I don't think we've ever had a flea problem in the house, but we have had ticks, yuck.

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